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Being a Pioneer of your own life often means walking a path which very few people around you understand. It is easy to get distracted or nudged from your path by those around you. If you want to surround yourself with like-minded people, join or set up a Pioneer Circle for support in your local area…

What is a Pioneer Circle?

A Pioneer Circle is a group of like-minded people, who meet regularly (in real life and online too) to provide support, motivation and inspiration to each other as you walk the own path to become a pioneer of your own life.

It’s for people who struggle to find people with a similar world view, who are surrounded by “non believers” on a daily basis and who would like support from other people who “get” you.

How It Works

Each Pioneer Circle is co-ordinated by a Circle Ambassador - these are voluntary positions although individual Ambassadors may charge a nominal fee to cover any venue or refreshment fees.*

Each Pioneer Circle is encouraged to meet regularly - at least monthly - to provide face-to-face support to each other and build strong, long lasting relationships. In between, you’ll have access to an online Hub which is private to your group only. You can use this to chat and connect in between meetings and co-ordinate your meet-ups. There’s a GBP 5 administration fee to join but no ongoing fees.

Our goal is to enable Circles around the world - so if you move locations or you’re travelling and would like to join another Hub, you just need to see if there’s one nearby and get in touch with the Circle Ambassador to join.

* These fee transactions are between you and the Pioneer Ambassador - Kinetiva takes no responsibility for this transaction.

Who Can Join?

Anyone. Well, anyone who is working to become a Pioneer of your own life. This usually means people who:

  • Usually make unconventional choices that go against the norm
  • Don’t have many like-minded friends and family
  • Don’t fit into any of the usual boxes
  • Run your own business or want to (this isn’t a must, it’s just a common characteristic)
  • Try to live life according to your core values
  • Want to connect and support others to lead the lives of their choice
  • Feel isolated and misunderstood in the majority of your relationships
  • Want to explore different paths with other open-minded adventurers

There are no specific requirements to join a Pioneer Circle, except to have an open mind, not judge the lives others choose to live and to be yourself, whoever that may be.

How Can You Join?

To join a Pioneer Circle as a member:

  1. Check here to see if any Circles near to you exist already.
  2. If they do, contact us to request membership.
  3. You’ll be required to pay a one-time GBP 5* admin fee to join the online Hub.
  4. We’ll connect you with the Circle Ambassador who will introduce you to the group.

* We ask that you pay an admin fee to demonstrate your commitment to fellow group members, this fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to remain a member of that group. You will however be able to choose to join another group somewhere else if you prefer (for no extra cost).

If no Circles currently exist in your local area and you’d like to set one up, you can become a Circle Ambassador. Find out more about this role and what it entails here.