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If you’d like to become a Pioneer in your local area, why not become an Ambassador and - with our support - set up your own support group of like-minded people. Here’s how you can…

What Is A Circle Ambassador?

An Ambassador is responsible for setting up, co-ordinating and convening Pioneer Circles. It’s primarily a voluntary role and will suit someone who really wants to connect with like-minded people on an ongoing basis, in your local area.

Ambassadors set up, co-ordinate and run each local Circle. It’s free to become an Ambassador because we appreciate that it will require time and effort on your part to co-ordinate this.

What support will be provided?

We will help support and enable you as best we can. The type of support we’ll offer includes:

  • Materials to set up and market your Circle, such as email templates, flyer templates and more
  • Suggestions about the types of venues which work well
  • Tips and suggestions for how to run successful Circle meet-ups, based on what’s worked at others
  • A monthly “theme” to discuss with your Circle
  • Support online to co-ordinate and communicate with your group
  • A private “Ambassadors” group for additional support from other Ambassadors to run your Circle

While it’s free to be a Circle Ambassador and we won’t charge you for our support, we will encourage you to share Kinetiva’s resources, products and services with your members as often as is valuable.

Questions Answered

Do I need to find and attract members to my Circle?

This is a local, organic kind of group - we know it works best if you start close to home with people already in your network or those who might be one or two layers outside of it. This means that you will be primarily responsible for finding new members to join your Circle.

As the whole Kinetiva network grows, we may introduce new people to your Circle who contact us directly online, but as you can imagine, we can’t help with “on the ground” marketing to attract members. We will leverage our online networks and contacts to help promote your Circle, if you need help to do so.

Can I charge members to join?

Yes, you can. While this wasn’t primarily set up to be a “paid for” offering, we appreciate that it may be necessary to charge a fee to cover any venue or refreshment fees. However, if you opt to do this, we will ask you to confirm in writing with us, that you recognise that these transactions are between you and your members and that we, as Kinetiva, have no responsibility for these financial arrangements and transactions.

You will need to arrange your own methods of payment and ensure you keep your own records for taxation purposes. Again, we stress that we will in no way be involved in these transactions between you and members.

As a Kinetiva Circle Ambassador, what is expected of me?

On one level, as an Ambassador, you’ll be representing Kinetiva since the concept and format is ours, plus the online hub you’ll be using is also a Kinetiva platform. As such, we’d like you to represent Kinetiva in the way you’d want somebody else to represent your business…with respect, professionalism, reliability and acceptance.

While we don’t want to be dictatorial about this, if we feel at any time that your actions and activities (online or offline) are doing anything which may be harmful to our brand and business, we will ask you to step down as an official Circle Ambassador and remove you from the Pioneer Hub. The bottom line is this: as long as you’re cool, we’ll be cool.

Are the monthly themes mandatory?

This is optional - there is no obligation to follow the monthly themes we suggest for discussion. However, we believe it will create a much more powerful effect if you know other Circles are discussing similar issues and in time as the number of Circles grow, we’ll be encouraging cross-Circle networking.

What if I need to step down as Circle Ambassador?

If you need to step down as a Circle Ambassador, we’ll do our best to help find a replacement from within the existing Circle members. If we can’t find one, then the Circle will become dormant until someone is willing to step into the role.

How to Become A Circle Ambassador

To become a Circle Ambassador, check whether there are any existing Circles in your area. If not, get in touch with us and let us know the following:

  • Where you’d like to set up a Pioneer Circle
  • What makes you the right Ambassador for the Circle
  • What you think you’ll need our help with

We’ll be glad to have you on board