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Build your own income streams, create the life you want to live. If you’re ready to go from zero to success, visit the sites below for the know-how, support and momentum you need to get there…

Business & Income

Lifestyles & Passions

zero 2 fitpro

A web site to help you create multiple income streams for your fitness business...

  • Articles & resources to help you run a successful fitness business.
  • Animated fitness graphics to help your clients exercise correctly.
  • Fitness graphics which you can use to create online income streams from membership-based websites.

Visit zero 2 Fit Pro to get started >>>

zero 2 illo

A website to help professional & aspiring illustrators to help make a living from their art.

  • A range of 101, 201, 301 “how to” guides for illustrators.
  • Interviews, case studies & inspiration from your peers.
  • A dedicated and active online forum for illustrators.
  • The quarterly zero2illo Zine - a digital Zine created for illustrators by illustrators.
  • A range of digital eGuides for Illustrators.

Visit zero2illo to get started >>>

zero 2 maestro

A website to help professional & aspiring musicians make an income from their music.

Launching in April 2011.

zero 2 hello

A website to help people with lots of ideas bring them to life & introduce them to the world.

Launching in May 2011.

Location Independent

A website to help you create the freedom to live and work anywhere you choose.

  • Articles & resources to help you become location independent.
  • A toolbox of recommended online services to run & manage your business & your life.
  • The Odyssey - a free & premium monthly "Behind The Scenes" newsletter for location independent professionals.
  • A range of digital eGuides for digital nomads.

Visit Location Independent to get started >>>