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An ever-expanding bank of free videos created to share the tips, tricks and tutorials that we’ve learned along the way which might help you too…

Lessons Learned & Business Tips

Short, focused business lessons we've learned and tips we've picked up since becoming entrepreneurs.

which social media tools should you use?
3 Ways Twitter could help your business

Wordpress Tutorials

Tutorials to show you how to configure and use Wordpress to create the site you want.

how to install wordpress using c-panel
how to best configure wordpress
how to personalise the wp dashboard
how to create a static home page
how to add content to your site efficiently
how to format text using font styles

Headway Theme Tutorials

Video tutorials to show you how to use the Headway for Wordpress theme (our default choice for all our websites).

examples of Headway-powered websites
an introduction to the visual editor
how to configure your site dimensions
how to customise your header & nav bar
how to customise your website footer
how to format the default font styles