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You know how hard it is coming up with the right name for your business - and you know that your brand is more than just your name. It’s one of the foundation steps to get right but if you’re getting stuck at this stage, this course can help…

The Brand Builder Course Details

This is for those of you who really want to give power to your purpose, fire up your passion and showcase your talent - with a brand that inspires, engages and speaks to your ideal people. It’s for those of you who are serious enough about your business, to invest in giving it the right vibe - the right brand - from the very beginning.

Course Schedule

This is a 4 week course which includes the individual attention and skills of each course leader as well as additional self-lead tasks for you to complete outside of the lessons. The course consists of the following:

  • A one-to-one Name Storming session with Bernadette Jiwa to talk you through the things you’ll need to consider when choosing a name, a tag line and figuring out your brand personality.
  • A one-to-one session with Lea Woodward to help you clarify your brand story, figure out what sets you apart and how to communicate and write about this for maximum effect.
  • Up to 2 hours of design time with Jonathan Woodward to work on the foundations of your visual brand.
  • Additional email support after each session, alongside a list of self-lead tasks for you to complete.

The sessions will be scheduled over 4 weeks as you will need some time in between the sessions to complete the tasks we set. The purpose of the tasks is to keep the course fees as low as possible.

The combined fees for the full service version of this would run at almost £2,000 - which means that you’ll need to do some of the hard work on your own (with our guidance, of course), rather than being spoon-fed the answers. If spoon feeding and us doing it for you is what you’re looking for, we’re all available to hire individually.

Course Benefits

At the end of the course, you should have the following tools, knowledge and resources to help brand your passion:

  • The key questions you should be asking yourself when naming your business
  • A process to evaluate the names & tag lines you brainstorm
  • A clear idea of how to articulate your brand story and the key points you’ll need to focus on to engage your people and set yourself apart
  • A basic visual identity or a few concepts to work from including brand colours & ideas for visual cues

Because we’ll be guiding you rather than doing the work for you, the results you actually experience may vary. We’ll be here to help and support you along the way but you will be required to input effort and thought of your own in order to achieve the maximum results and value from the course.

Questions Answered

How are my sessions scheduled?

You’ll schedule all sessions via Kinetiva admin, once you’ve completed your payment. They can be re-scheduled if they become inconvenient for you but we’ll need at least 72 hours notice to do this.

If I miss a session, can I reschedule it?

Yes - but if you miss a session and can’t give us 72 hours notice, there will be a GBP 15 re-arrangement fee to reschedule the session. This may also delay further sessions so the fee covers the inconvenience and additional admin this causes.

How does the email support work?

After each one-to-one session, you’ll be invited to send each course leader a follow-up email. This may be to confirm the work you’ve done yourself, to confirm the name/tag line you’ve decided upon or to ask for their opinion. Each course leader will respond with one email - any further email/other correspondence will incur an additional fee.

Why don’t you create the name & tag line for me?

We’ll provide focused guidance and support to help you brainstorm and identify your own name and tag line once you’ve completed your session with Bernadette. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide upon the name yourself but you’re welcome to use the follow-up email to Bernadette to ask her opinion and confirm your thoughts.

Bernadette offers a full service naming & branding service for a much higher fee - so if this is the support you need, do check this out - but she’s kindly agreed to support us and you and offer her services at a more affordable starting point for Kinetiva communities.

What’s a brand story? Will you write my about page for me?

Your brand story is the way you communicate what your business is all about - in the most compelling way possible so that your people get it and engage with it (so much so that ultimately they’ll want to buy from you!).

Being able to articulate, talk and write about your business and brand is something most people find very difficult - and it all starts with your hook…the thing that makes you unique. This is what Lea will help you with - so that you can go away and write your brand story with confidence.

What does 2 hours of design time cover? Will I get an actual logo?

It depends! If you have a very clear brief and make decisions fast, you could well have a logo as part of this course.

If however, you prefer to go back & forth, seeing multiple concepts and have a lot of creative input into the process, you may end up with some concept sketches which can then be fully developed (by Jonathan for an additional fee or by your own designer).

You’ll get 2 hours in total of Jonathan’s design time - which doesn’t include emails but does include any phone calls - which you can use as you choose. Again, if you’d prefer a full service logo design, this is available via Jonathan’s usual services (this starts at GBP 495).

Will you, as course leaders, share information between each other?

We will share any information amongst ourselves which we feel is relevant and will help each other achieve the best results for you but your wish to keep anything you’d prefer to keep confidential with one course leader, will also be respected.

Course Leaders

Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette Jiwa is a brand architect extraordinaire. She runs a full service Brand & Naming Consultancy from Perth, Australia.

Bernadette’s superpower is being able to identify what it is that makes you stand out and how you can frame this in your brand - with a name and tag line that communicates this.

She knows exactly the right questions to ask and what matters when it comes to branding so that your brand will not only be unique to you, it’ll engage the right people for your business - which is what sets a good brand apart from the rest.

Lea Woodward

Lea Woodward has run a successful business online for the past few years. She knows what it takes to create and grow an international brand - having taken a big idea of her own and garnered international press & TV (from the BBC to the LA Times to the China Trends magazine).

One of Lea’s superpowers is being able to help you hone in on your brand story and communicate it verbally and written down in a way which engages others.

A large part of her day job is writing About pages for other online entrepreneurs and bloggers so she knows what it takes to communicate your story so that other people “get” it.

Jonathan Woodward

Jonathan Woodward is the designer behind all of the Kinetiva websites and branding. He’s a seasoned graphic & web designer with over 12 years experience in both corporate design and designing for small, online businesses.

Jonathan’s superpower is creating a visual identifier for your brand which communicates the vibe, personality and energy you want to communicate.

He can give your passion the visual power it needs to propel you to professional success - first impressions count and Jonathan will give your passion the right first impression.

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Your investment for the course is GBP £495. You can make your payment securely, via Paypal (or credit card) using the button below.