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Welcome to a place where natural talents are nurtured, not stifled; where passions make money, not just dreams; and where your purpose is empowered, not hidden.
If you are ready to step off the conventional career path and take your future into your own hands, we can help…

Kinetiva Publications

Focused websites to help you turn your passion & purpose into sustainable income streams.

The current network of websites fuel a passion for freedom & travel, empower talented illustrators & artists and support classical musicians to make their own music.

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Premium newsletters to nurture, develop & expand your natural talent and motivate & inspire you.

Each transmission will help power up your passion and develop your skills - both your natural talents & your professional skills as a creative entrepreneur.

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A vault of "how to" video tutorials to enable, teach and improve your technical & business skills.

A range of videos created by us to reveal our key lessons learned, share business and marketing tips plus walk you through step-by-step tech tutorials to give you the practical tools and skills you need to make things work.

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Quarterly zines to showcase your talent and support & connect you with colleagues in your industry.

Digital zines to showcase the talent, passion and skills of creative entrepreneurs in your industry (including you!). Each zine features the work of you & your peers and includes resources to help you connect and support each other.

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Kinetiva Courses

A course to help you find your purpose & define what you have to offer. Find out more here >>>

A course to help you reignite your passion and rediscover yourself.
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A course to help you identify, create & market your talent to the world. Find out more here >>>

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At Kinetiva, We Believe...

#1 Everyone has a purpose

Many of us have a hard time defining what it is we're here to do - we move from one thing to another, searching for something that ties it all together. Most of the threads seem disparate and unconnected - but they're all part of your purpose. We all have one - and we can help you uncover yours.

#2 talent & passion can make money

You've probably been told you can't make a living from doing what you love & what you're good at. The words, "You'll never make money doing that" may be all too familiar. We're here to prove them all wrong. We make a living from our talents & passions & you can too - we're here to show you how.

#3 business is personal

We believe in being professional but not at the expense of being personal and sociable. People listen to people they know, like & trust which is why we hope you’ll get to know, like & trust us too. Businesses are run by people - and that's who we are and who we work with, first and foremost...people.

#4 being online levels the playing field

We believe in the freedom, agility and endless opportunities of running a business online – it lies at the heart of what we do and it’s the kind of business we can help you build from your talents, passion and purpose. Success is no longer determined by budget - it's determined by talent, passion and purpose. Make yours count.

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Kinetiva Services

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About Us

The name Kinetiva comes from a combination of the word ‘kinetic’ and ‘viva (yes, we made it up). Long live dynamic, progressive movement!

Our goals at Kinetiva are to PUBLISH resources to empower your passion, to provide platforms to SHOWCASE your talents and to help you CONNECT with like-minded creative entrepreneurs to fulfill your purpose. You can find out more about us here >>>